Krzysztof Janowski

Krzysztof Janowski
Managing Partner

attorney at law

He specialises in the corporate and commercial law as well as real estate law. He advises clients on daily operations and undertaking strategic legal decisions related to their transactions.

Within his activities, he is involved in investment processes related to start-ups, representing both the investors
and founders. He creates legal frameworks for their functioning and advises during the development.
He actively supports entities carrying business operations within the real estate market.

He advises on the investment process at all the stages, starting from a real estate legal audit (due diligence) to its commercialisation. He supports investors, contractors and clients in real estate transactions.

He has experience in negotiating real estate agreements, in particular, pertaining to the implementation of
construction works, development contracts as well as sales and lease agreements. He carries proceedings
consisting in obtaining the necessary administrative decisions.

He publishes articles and legal commentaries in the professional press.

A certified negotiator and mediator specialising in business mediation.

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